Massive Praise for North American Launch of Paul at IMSH!

This past week in Orlando some of the SIMCharacters team came to Orlando for the North American debut of Paul at the International Meeting for Simulation In Healthcare — and everyone was in awe!

“Wow”, “Amazing”, “Incredible”, “We have to have Paul!” were just some of the praise by the 2,700 medical simulation champions who attended the event from more than 51 countries.
Dr. Jennifer Arnold had a chance to stop by the booth and check out Paul, afterwards sharing the #WelcomePaul facebook video launched last week that has since gone viral with over 4,000,000 views!

Below is the press release for Paul’s North American launch:



Facebook Video


Realistic premature newborn manikin “Paul” revolutionizes Neonatology training

ORLANDO, Fla., — This week at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare in Orlando, SIMCharacters is launching the North American debut of “Paul”, the world’s most advanced preterm newborn simulator, created to improve the training of medical professionals who work to save the lives of millions of infants born prematurely.

Paul is a realistic, premature infant manikin simulator which gives neonatologists and healthcare professionals the best opportunity to train for the critical care of a baby born at 27 weeks, (13 weeks too early). Research shows that healthcare professionals who train with realistic simulators have better learning outcomes and provide better care while reducing medical errors and hospital costs.

The World Health Organization website reports “an estimated 15 million babies are born too early every year. That is more than 1 in 10 babies. Almost 1 million children die each year due to complications of preterm birth. Many survivors face a lifetime of disability, including difficulty learning and visual and hearing problems.”

“Paul’s airway is absolutely realistic – medical professionals will think they are intubating a real infant – forever changing the way neonatologists train to save lives,” said Professor Dr. Martin Wald, MD Head of Neonatology at Paracelsus University Salzburg.

“Paul provides new residents with a unique and safe learning opportunity before they ever touch a premature baby, which reduces costly errors,” said Dr. Claudia Lindtner, MD Resident in Neonatology at Medical University Vienna.

The SIMCharacters mission is to improve the quality of care for preterm newborns in critical condition by advancing the realism and effectiveness of simulated training through Paul, a manikin which:

Measures only 35cm long, weighs less than 1000g and demonstrates realistic pathological breathing patterns

Has an anatomically correct 3D printed larynx based on real-life preterm MRI scans

Has already been utilized by leading hospitals in Germany and Austria to improve training outcomes

SIMCharacters is an Austrian company which started in 2010 out of the Medical University Vienna by Neonatologist and Simulation Expert Dr. Jens Schwindt, MD. SIMCharacters is dedicated to improving the care of premature infants by advancing the realism of neonate simulator technology.

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Check out Paul’s Features Video to learn more now!