We take care of your Paul

For us, after-sales service is a decisive quality feature of the highest priority. We see ourselves as your partner for medical simulation trainings and support you and your team with maintenance programs that actually make sense for our customers and add real value to them.

SIMCharacters Care 2 Jahre

Garantieverlängerung & Wartungsprogramm für 2 Jahre

SIMCharacters Care 5 Jahre

Garantieverlängerung & Wartungsprogramm für 5 Jahre

SIMCharacters Care

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What types of SIMCharacters Care maintenance contracts are available?

As simulation trainers, we were customers ourselves for years and therefore believe that maintenance contracts must be easily understandable and add value for our customers. That's why we only have two contract variants, which only differ in term (2 or 5 years).

What services are included in the SIMCharacters Care maintenance contracts?

The contracts include a warranty extension, the costs for repairs, software updates, transport costs, a loan unit if required and a one-time (2-year contract) or two-time (5-year contract) complete refurbishment of your simulator. Detailed information can be found here. 

How can I extend my maintenance contract from 2 to 5 years?

This is possible at any time. Just send an email to info@simcharacters.com and we will be happy to send you an offer.

I already own a Paul. Is it possible to retroactively conclude a maintenance contract?

Of course, this is possible at any time within the first year. We know how tedious it is sometimes with budgets... It's up to you whether you sign the 5-year contract right away or first a 2-year contract and then extend it to the 5-year contract.