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SIMCharacters was founded to improve the outcomes of more than 15 million preterm births a year. With Paul our team of experts innovated beyond limitations of high-fidelity simulator technology. Paul combines highly realistic internal and external anatomy with simulation of pathologies specific to premature babies (including RDS, NEC and pneumothorax). An anatomically correct upper airway, which was developed with the help of MRI images of premature infants, enables realistic training of modern care strategies in neonatology such as LISA, MIST or INSURE.

Premature baby simulator Paul photographed from the side

Lifelike external anatomy

Unique internal anatomy

Authentic Pathologies

Martina Six

Martina Six

NICU Nurse

“Paul’s incredible realism takes interprofessional simulation training to a whole new level”

High Emotion Simulation The next generation of simulation technology

Lots of high-tech
in the smallest of spaces ...

For many years there has been kind of a golden rule in the simulation industry: the smaller the simulator, the fewer the functions. Miniaturising crucial simulator components seemed almost impossible. However, our engineering team made exactly that possible!
The combination of sophisticated mechanics, state-of-the-art sensor technology and intuitive control enables you and your neonatology team to conduct the best possible simulation training with at a previously unknown level. The aim was not just to make something smaller, but also better.

SIMCharacters Paul




Brand new Feature:
Our Feedback Monitor

Introducing our newly developed feedback monitor, which promises direct feedback for your trainees on their measurements. During orientation phase your trainees are now able to receive direct feedback about the current head position, for PEEP, PIP, tidal volumes, ventilation rate, depth – and position of the endotracheal tube, as well as efficiency of chest compressions.

PD Dr. Martin Wald

PD Dr. Martin Wald

Head of

"Paul is impressive features and realism will forever change the way neonatal teams train for medical emergencies"

Neonatal Simulation training on so far unprecedented level

Simulator controls rethought - modern and intuitive

Training should be goal-oriented, effective and instructive. With Paul, we have developed a simulator that makes all this possible. The extraordinary realism of Paul facilitates a deep immersion of the training participants in training scenarios. What has been learned and trained can thus be recalled more effectively in real life situations.
However, it was always our goal to develop a simulator with which simulation trainers and trainees can optimally achieve their learning goals, on which they can rely. We have also succeeded in this with Paul.


Intuitive touch controls

SIMCharacters Paul patient monitors

Realistic patient monitors

Completely wireless operation


In-situ training on a new level

Whether in the simulation centre or in the neonatal intensive care unit - training with Paul requires no annoying cables or complicated setup. Because: Paul can be operated completely wirelessly. Everything you need for your training session comes in a trolley in hand luggage format. The whole system is ready for use in just a few minutes. Paul was developed primarily for in-situ simulation training in neonatal intensive care units or first aid rooms.
Because we should be training where critical emergencies actually happen...

"Thank you very much for the great training session. The scenarios were as close to reality as they can actually be. I now feel more confident and better prepared for real life neonatal emergencies”.

Training participant after training with Paul

We take care of your Paul

For us, after-sales service is a decisive quality feature of the highest priority. We see ourselves as your partner for medical simulation trainings and support you and your team with maintenance programs that actually make sense for our customers and add real value to them.