Welcome Emily!

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Welcome Emily

Emily - our newborn simulator

Welcome Emily

The world's most realistic newborn simulator for interdisciplinary team trainings in neonatology
coming this summer

Hello Paul

The world’s smallest high-end patient simulator for highly realistic training in neonatology.

For many decades, realistic simulation training has been a backbone in training and education of high reliability industries. On the one hand, they help to decisively improve performance; on the other hand, regular training significantly increases system safety. In modern medicine it is also crucial to train critical situations in safe environments that do not endanger the life or health of patients. Therefore, in the medical care of children, simulation training should be an ethical obligation. With SIMCharacters we aim to develop the most realistic and at the same time technologically most advanced pediatric simulators for highly realistic simulation training.

Our premature baby simulator Paul was developed by an interdisciplinary team of neonatologists, neonatal nurses & simulation trainers in close cooperation with biomedical engineers and special effects designers. With a body length of 35cm (13.7 inches) and weighing 1090g (2.42 pounds), Paul is the smallest high-tech patient simulator in the world. Paul’s outer and inner anatomy was reproduced in detail on basis of MRI data from real premature babies of the 27th + 3rd week of pregnancy, which enables simulation training in neonatology at a previously unknown level. High fidelity was yesterday, the future belongs to high emotion simulation!

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Brand new Feature:
Our Feedback Monitor

Introducing our newly developed feedback monitor, which promises direct feedback for your trainees on their measurements. During orientation phase your trainees are now able to receive direct feedback about the current head position, for PEEP, PIP, tidal volumes, ventilation rate, depth – and position of the endotracheal tube, as well as efficiency of chest compressions.

Meet Paul!

Meet newborn Emily & preemie Paul at the following conferences 2023:

IMSH 2023
January 21 - 25, 2023 |
Orlando, Florida
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Synova NICU Leadership Forum 2023
March 19-23, 2023
Westin la Paloma, Tuscon, AZ
More Information
IPSSW 2023
May 17-19, 2023
Lisbon, Portugal
More Information
SESAM 2023
June 14-16, 2023
Lisbon, Portugal
More Information
GNPI 2023
15.-17. Juni 2023
Hamburg, Germany
More Information
jENS 2023
September 19-23, 2023
Rom, Italien
More Information
NANN 2023
September 26-28, 2023
Anaheim, CA, USA
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SIMCharacters Jens Schwindt

SIMTraining - Fit for pediatric emergencies

All medical professionals get up every morning with one goal in mind: to do their best for their patients. However, as emergencies in pediatrics and neonatology are only very rare events, the skills and abilities required in these situations can hardly be acquired in daily routines. With our SIMCharacters trainings, which are individually tailored to your team and your clinic or practice, we prepare your clinic and staff optimally for these rare emergency situations!

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    EFCNI Lighthouse Project SIMCharacters
    EFCNI SIMCharacters

    The European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) is the first Europe-wide organisation representing the interests of premature and newborn infants and their families. It brings together parents, experts from different disciplines and scientists with the common goal of improving the health of this patient group. EFCNI's vision is to give every prematurely born baby the best possible start in life. In 2018, EFCNI awarded our premature baby simulator "Paul" as a lighthouse project in the field of training and education.

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